Giving something to the world can be a highly rewarding and life changing experience. Getting to experience different cultures and way of life while volunteering in building and improving facilities in learning centres for kids in very poor urban neighbourhoods (slums), volunteering to improve the environment and teaching about conservation and maintenance of a clean environment, collecting and disposing off discarded polythene bags in a safe and sustainable way. Wildlife conservation and many other aspects of volunteer work are covered in this sector. We will work with individuals and organized teams, we work out logistics and the frame works to make sure they achieve their intended purpose before and during the volunteering period. We offer pick up from the airport or hotel, transport to the place of volunteer. We will organize accommodation in suitable hotels, homestays in safe and suitable environment. We also offer logistical support like sourcing for materials required during the time of volunteering, and any other support that may be required. Our team is a dedicated team of will and vigour to partner and work with persons from different cultures and backgrounds to give a helping hand to those in need in the society.


Working with destitute children from very poor background.

This involves teaching and interacting in very disadvantaged areas in slums and dumpsites. There are various day learning and feeding centres for children who are not attending formal schooling, especially the very young ones many of who are destitute or orphaned, where they are provided with a meal and also with basic education. Volunteers come to these centres to assist in teaching, preparing food for the children, play with them and offer any assistance that the volunteer may deem appropriate.

Building projects

  In this aspect, this is a do it yourself kind of volunteering, where by volunteers will offer themselves, to build or improve buildings in slums, schools desks, repair roofs, painting of walls, improving of safe play areas, sanitation and improving the general living and learning environment for the inhabitants.

 Environmental projects

  This involves cleaning up polluted areas, like collecting discarded plastic bags which are mosquito breeding environment and a menace in Kenya. Cleaning up residential areas clearing clogged  open drains, collecting biodegradable materials , teaching about the importance of proper disposal of rubbish, hygiene and good sanitation  skill among others. This kind of work is mainly in or near dumpsites in very poor neighbourhoods informal schools where there is no service delivery.


This involves volunteering in wildlife and conservation areas like private conservancies and parks, national reserves in need of volunteers among others.


  Homestays are where different worlds meet at the minimum, living with a family different from your own, a different environment and different cultures is all a new experience. In this kind of arrangement you will be staying with a family having been considered like one of them, eating what they eat, interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and fitting in with them. Different kinds of homestays are available in different kind of settings. From the high end homes in affluent areas to flats in the normal urban setting. It is an experience of a life time to be involved in communal activities with the family, like cooking, going out for family functions, religious activities, weddings parties as a willing and welcome participant.


  After days of work, you will always need a break, we organize exciting and interesting excursions and safaris to our beautiful country side and national parks and reserves during weekends or your free days.These are tailored for budget traveller or according to your specific needs.
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