Maasai Mara 4 DAY 3 NIGHT S

An extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti, Maasai Mara is a country of breath taking beauty, a panorama of rolling plains where the maasai derive the name Mara meaning spotted plains .Rounded hills intermittent groves of acacia woodlands and thickets of shrubs. The mara river with its luxuriant riverine forest, bisecting the whole mara with its tributaries. Endowed with an endless animal life with its vast herds of herbivores, the migrating Gnu, the accompanying Zebra, Topi, impala The Tommy Gazelle, the hartebeest, `the biggest antelope’ the Eland.The big and mighty herds of African elephant, the amphibious Hippo in the hippo pools along the river, rare black rhino, the stately maasai giraffe. The king of the jungle reigns in the plains with abandon, with many prides of lions roaming the plains and lying in the grooves. The very swift cheetah and the sly leopard not forgetting the long African crocodile in the mara river.



Pick up for onward trip to the Maasai Mara to arrive in time for lunch. Have an afternoon rest. 4pm time for evening game drive to explore and discover the beautiful Mara, with its vast richness of wild game and flora and fauna viewing the beautiful Kenyan sunset. Return to the camp at 6.30 for dinner and overnight stay.


Wake up to have breakfast and prepare for a full day in the vast Mara, to further enjoy its exquisite richness of big game with the while spotting the jumbo, the African buffalo, the hippo, the  Mara predators like the African lion the swift cheetah among others.Enjoy a picnic lunch by the banks of the mara river. Enjoy a picnic lunch deep in the African wild while enjoying the peaceful nature. Return to camp at 4 pm for rest, dinner and overnight stay.


Wake up at 6 and go for a cup of tea or coffee in readiness for sunrise game drive. Depart at 6.30 to experience the beautiful African rise from the horizon while enjoying an early morning in the wild, in the look out for the nocturnal and early risers in the mara. Get back to camp at 8.30 am in time for breakfast and checkout for onward travel to your next destination.
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