There's nothing as refreshing and satisfying as discovering Beautiful Gems hidden in your own country. Kenya is a magical place with magical people. We are well endowed with a beautiful country side, national and local wildlife parks and reserves full of amazing and unique wildlife like no other. Cities and towns you can explore.

You don't need to visit another country to feel like a tourist while you can do it in your own country and experience the home grown hospitality from your very own. At Cspan we have made it our business that as you travel your beautiful country, you do it in style and in a relaxed mien. We take you to the countless and beautiful destinations all over the country at a price cut out just for you. We have different categories of destinations and packages cut out for all categories of travel enthusiasts, be it for leisure, business, corporate name it and we shall take you there in style.

In our Menu we have packages for: Family or group of families, Friend groups and chamas, The young and energetic, Advanced in years and wisdom, Honeymooners, Hikers, Business, Corporates, Tailored according to personal preference,

All packages are tailored just for your pleasure, comfort and enjoyment. We have made a few sample packages for you. We will also prepare tailor made packages to suit your schedule and preference. Feel free to contact us any time.

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